by Oddysseys

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released November 18, 2016

written and recorded by Treon
mixed and mastered by David Cardona


all rights reserved



Oddysseys Boston, Massachusetts

dreamy noir pop by odd boys from boston

booking: oddhausbooking@gmail.com

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Track Name: Run Prophet
You Linger
Deep inside of me
And you whisper
It’s how it’s supposed to be
So loaded
Are the questions that you seek
You’re a rumor
And I want to believe

Your cold toes weren't meant to be frozen
Lovers are meant to be chosen
Take it in don’t spoil the moment
Hang on, its never over

But all you wanna do is play nice
Think about it then once or twice?
In your late nights
Give her a call and feel alright
All you wanna do is feel alright
All you gotta do but you’re just
Standing there
Sit and Stare
The message is clear
Go now, only if you dare

All I want in you
Is something I can be
I needed truth
And you ran just like a thief
So certain
Of this tangled thread you weave
You’re my prophet
And its time now to be free
Track Name: A Book That Never Ends
A Book That Never Ends
Hello, laying there in bed
Looking for a friend
You try and understand
A book that never ends

Have I seen you before?
Standing by my door?
What were you searching for?
Something less or something more?

And I found myself again
Looking for a hand
With nothing more to lend
And a book that never ends
A book that never ends
Again, Again, Again
Track Name: Lost in the Fog
Hey there pretty face
Would you stop if for one taste?
Well hey there haunted
Could you spot me one moment?

I’ve lost all sense of time
But you embrace me
Like its what you’re really chasing
I don’t have the answer,
But you can learn from me
You can learn from me
If for one moment,
If for eterninty

Hey there old friend
I guess it’s time to see you again
You can have it all if you like
I wont stop you, you’re not the type
The type to make me really feel
Really try, really deal
But come on now anyway

Oh I think we’ll stray
From the paths we take
From the moments missed
From the choices made
Track Name: Rain
Well I saw you in the rain
And I heard you call my name
But you’re a stranger to my face
And I’ve met you once before
In a lonely place

And you see me
Right through and through
Bone for bone
So spit and chew
Have you seen what you’re meant to see?
Flesh for thought
Or lonely dream turned fantasy?

And we talk
Don’t hold your breath
I listen to your words
And you light your cigarette

Well you want to leave
So we get up slow
To ditch this scene
You have to know
That I’m ready for it all
Pleasures appear until the siren calls

Gone for so long
Old roads left to rot
Chains to bond
I guess so long
I guessed for so long
Track Name: Hypocrite
Your skin simmers deep in me
So course sometimes,
It’s so hard to breathe
When you’re not here with me

So now I say so long to sleep
So tired of these eyes
They cannot weep,
And they cannot see

These bends I cannot keep
These shakes I could never even release
Just let me live
Or let me leave
Track Name: Where
Where oh where you ask yourself,
Did your life up and go?
You’d rather lay at home in bed,
Then put on another show

You say that people change
Put their lives up on hold
Moving further everyday
And every year growing cold

They hold themselves to different things
Like what they have and do not own
Moving further everyday
And every year growing cold
Growing cold and all alone

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